Visually Handicapped Musician Plays Pipe and Ney in the Sky

14th, 2015
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Visually handicapped music teacher Selami Çiftçi, 29, who came to Fethiye jumped by parachute and played pipe and ney in the sky.

Selami Çiftçi, visually handicapped from birth, came from Elmalı District in Antalya to Fethiye and wanted to fly by paragliding in Babadağ. Çiftçi came to the runway on 1700 m on Mount Babadağ with pilot Cihan Yavuz and played pipe for the parachute pilots in the minibus on the way to the top. Çiftçi had a tandem flight with the parachute pilot. He also played his pipe and ney in the sky on 1200 m high. While he was playing his favourite songs in the sky, he could not see the unique view of Ölüdeniz but enjoyed flying. Çiftçi landed in Belceğiz Beach without any problems after he stayed in the air for around 40 minutes. He said he could not see Ölüdeniz view but he was very happy to fly and wanted to fly again.


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