What is hypnotherapy?

17th, 2011
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I dedicated the direction of my life in the 2004 to becoming a master of Hypnotherapy, because of I felt its boundless potential to help people significantly enhance and heal their lives.

If you really want to make changes to your life -significant, life-enhancing changes -then you must change your deepest feelings.

Your feelings can overpower your thoughts, and your intentions, and your expectations.

If you think about it you’ll understand that your feelings can overpower your conscious willpower.

Feelings can prevail over logic and willpower. That’s why habits are so difficult to change. Your head may want to change because it’s the logical thing to do, but if your deeper feelings are not changed, willpower and logic always lose the battle. You can’t think clearly under the pressure of bad feeling. Bad feeling is a feeling which is percept as bad sensations in the body. If we don’t feel bad, life is always good or else you are dead.

Our feelings are the dominant forces which create and determine our successes and failures, our happiness and our misery. When you feel bad feelings in your body you are in a trance. This trance will prevent to think logically even you try to think positively.

So when someone calls me and wants use Hypnosis to stop smoking, or has an overeating problem, or any habit, complusion or addiction, I tell them that it’s just the tip of the iceberg, just the leaves and flower of the dandelion weed.

To remove your problem without resolving the root feelings that are creating your problem, increases the chances that your problem will just come back, and often even worse, or show up in your life in the form of another problem (symptom).

Regression Hypnotherapy is a very unique combination of simple but powerful methods, designed to resolve problems at their roots, which can quickly help you feel better about yourself and your life.

Regression Hypnotherapy usually produces significant results in 3 to 5 sessions (about one week apart). Typically, session 3 is a breakthrough experience (individual results may vary).

The problem you are dealing or suffering with is just the top of the dandelion weed, and the true solution to your problem is to get to the root and get it out. If you don’t get the root out, it grows back…

Regression Hypnotherapy is effective in helping you get to the root of the problem, rather than ignore, mask, or numb away the feelings the problem is producing. Because resolving your feelings can truly change you, can heal you, transform your life. You need to be able to feel your true feelings to truly change.

Regression Hypnotherapy works with the cooperation of the deeper, feeling mind, where your “buttons are pushed.” Transformation at the feeling level of mind produces changes because your changes are in harmony with your deepest feelings. I will explain details in my next article.

Bülent Uran, MD. Certified Hypnotherapist from USA. Fethiye. www.drbulenturan.com

For detailed information you can call me from 0532 345 15 46 or mail me uran.bulent@gmail.com

Dr. Bülent Uran
0532 345 15 46

Dr. Bülent Uran
0532 345 15 46

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