Willing Buyer Willing Seller

21st, 2014
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Alanda Memnun Satanda Memnu (1)_1067x800Car boot sale opened by Fethiye Council has become essential for citizens in Fethiye. People of Fethiye showed great enthusiasm to the car boot sale opened this week in July as usual. The car boot sale is opened on the first Wednesday of every month and enables citizens to make profit with low cost by selling their unused things. Car boot sale takes place at the indoor area of the Tuesday Market on the first Wednesday of every month and people show great attention to both shopping and sale. The car boot sale did not attract the attention it deserved in the beginning, yet, nearly 200 people open stands now. Citizens sold shoes, dresses, clothes, household goods and handicrafts at the car boot sale this July. Most people coming to the car boot sale to do shopping especially tended to buy handicrafts. The municipality authorities stated that there was no place problem at the market and anyone applying to the car boot sale could be a part of it. The products are sold with the prices between 3 and 10 TL. Citizens selling their things and products explained that some people even tried to bargain for 3TL although the prices were very reasonable.

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