Woman Attempts to Commit Suicide for 60 Year Old Lover

26th, 2013
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29 year old Eda G who argued with her 60 year old boyfriend V.G. attempted to commit suicide. Eda G tried to jump from the rock 30 m high to a stream bed but was taken down with the efforts of the police and health team. According to the claims, Eda G who had problems with her boyfriend V.G. drank alcohol and went to Fethiye-Ölüdeniz Road Oluklu Area at around 04.00 p.m. Eda G came up the rock which was almost 30 m high along with the stream bed and started shouting to the people on the road, “I am going to kill myself. Find me Vedat.” People could not figure out what was happening, tried to stop Eda G first and called the police when they did not persuade her.


Eda G tried to escape when she saw the police and slipped down to the abyss at the sloping rock. Being dragged for nearly 10 m, Eda G came up to the top of the rock again and said she was going to commit suicide.

The police tried to convince Eda G for 20 minutes. When the attempts of the police were not enough, 112 Emergency Service teams approached her with the excuse of health check. The health team calmed her down and she was brought down with the efforts of the police as well. Eda G went on struggling and screaming despite all the attempts here and taken out of the stream bed to the stretcher. Eda G was taken to Fethiye Public Hospital and taken into treatment. It was explained that Eda G tried to commit suicide several times before, had problems with her boyfriend V.G so she tried to kill herself. The police try to find V.G. to take his statement.  FG)


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