Yachters Go to Greece As They Cannot Find a Place at Marinas

4th, 2016
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Muğla cannot get enough shares from yacht market since the number of marinas does not meet the requirements although the region has the most popular routes in yacht tourism.  Having the longest coastline, Muğla has half of the dockyard capacity for yachts in Turkey.

Marinas in Bodrum, Datça, Ören, Marmaris and Fethiye in Muğla are in service with the highest load capacities during the season. Welcoming many yachts of foreigners, marinas bring significant contribution to national economy every year.

Most foreigners choosing Muğla for holiday leave their yachts in Turkey for the entire year. Foreigners go on blue voyages taking their yachts with all their maintenances completed in summer. Some foreigners, on the other hand, do not return to their countries and even spend winter in their yachts.

Veli Çelik, Muğla Director of Culture and Tourism, stated that Muğla attracted attention with a coastline of 1484 km long. Çelik indicated that marinas in Bodrum, Datça, Ören, Marmaris and Fethiye in Muğla were in service with the highest load capacities during the season, for this reason, marinas of the region could not meet the requirements.

Çelik noted that marinas brought enormous contribution to national economy thanks to foreign owned yachts mostly. He added their arrangements continue for building 3 more marinas in the region.

Foreign yachters mostly prefer coasts of Muğla because of fascinating bays and beaches. Muğla draws interest with all these beauties and having the longest coastline.

- “The Capacity to Dock Yachts at Marinas is about 7500”

Çelik indicates that the load capacity in marinas of Muğla is almost 100 %: “Due to demand and supply gap in the region, many yacht owners go to Greece since they cannot find a place to dock in marinas. The number of marinas is not sufficient in our region. That’s why many yachters go outside of Muğla.”

Çelik noted that 32 marinas have certificates from councils and ministries in Muğla: “Muğla has the most beautiful corners where green and blue meets. As it is the longest coastline, it draws the attention of many blue voyage lovers. The capacity to dock yachts at marinas is about 7500. 7 of these marinas have a blue flag. We can enliven tourism if we increase the number of blue flags.”

Sea tourism is vital in Muğla and other districts nearby, said Çelik and added, “We do not have enough capacity in our marinas right now but projects are in development process. There are plans for some districts. In the event that we carry out developments for marina capacities in Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Datça, the number of tourists may increase.”

Çelik said small dockyard areas for yachts would bring great contributions to marine tourism if they are developed.


- “New Investments to Increase Contributions to Economy”

Bilgin Özkaynak, the owner of Marmaris Yacht Marin, said they reached 90 % load capacity in the marinas of Muğla in terms of territorial waters.

Özkaynak stated Muğla has a significant place in yacht tourism because it has the longest coastline and load capacities in this area reached the expected level in marinas for the entire year. New investments would bring better services and improve the economy, he added. Yachts leaving Turkey prefer marinas of Greece and Croatia. Özkaynak said they demanded help for legal regulations from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Department of Internal Affairs in connection with the specified time of staying in marinas for yachts.



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